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You are planning your holidays in Malaga, you are building your Malaga one day itinerary, but there’s too much info to process… Don´t worry! We already have the solution for you. We can design specially for you a full day experience with your likes and our recommendations. Fancy a cup of wine on a top terrace with the better views in Malaga old town? Or maybe having a bath like you were in the same Alhambra? What about discovering the new and very much awarded Spanish cuisine? We can take you to an antique store in an old palace, see hidden works of Picasso, experience Virtual Reality, and many more…We offer the best custom-made Malaga private tours, so just send us an email with your likes and we will provide you with our the things to do in Malaga. You Malaga one day itinerary is just that easy!

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Le grand tour

Includes highlights of our city you must not miss when you visit Malaga. Our main monuments professionally explained in a travel through time where you´ll meet many civilizations (Romans, Arabs, Christians…) that gave shape to this city. Go

malaga one day itinerary

Following Piscasso

Proud of our most known citizen, Pablo Picasso, we offer a unique tour where you can track his traces in Malaga. We will take a journey from his birthplace to his final visit to Malaga, when he was 20 years old. The best way to meet the master and the man. Go

Secret Málaga

Secret Malaga

In this tour another Malaga will be unveiled. You will find spots well worth a visit but until now, not given much attention. Places where daily life takes place away from the tourist trail, where you will discover exciting secret stories only told on this tour. Go

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