Malaga sightseeing

Are you planning some Malaga holidays? Do you want something different outside the traditional tourist track? Have you already discovered that there are many things to do in Malaga and you don’t know which one to choose? If you want to know more and better about Malaga sightseeing, you are in the right place.

If you are going to visit Malaga, internet offers you plenty of tourist information: what to do, places to visit, tourist attractions… A lot of information difficult to filter for planning plan your trip. Wouldn’t you rather do it with someone local and a good professional? Meet our guide, Juan Diego. You will have the best introduction to Malaga with him.

Our tours are designed so that you know our city in depth, discover it, know how to read it and end up loving it. Do not miss these unique, informative, adaptable and exciting experiences.

5 reasons to choose Voilà Malaga tours

– We are a local company. This, together with our background in the world of architecture, history and art, makes us offer a unique product of great quality.

– In our visits not we only explain monuments. We show old photos, drawings and plans so that your understanding is complete. Secrets and stories you would never have discovered by yourself will be unveiled.

– We are the only company in Malaga that offers experiences with virtual reality. Thanks to it, you will completely immerse yourself into the past to different times of the history of Malaga.

– Our tours offer a one to one attention. For being small groups, we adapt to your requirements and your pace. You will be able make all the questions you want to!

– The historical and cultural wealth of Malaga is incomparable. Archaeological remains, different cultures, religions, wars, an urban evolution of almost 3,000 years … All from a professional and an in-depth perspective.

Malaga tours

Whether you want to know the main history of the city through its main tourist attractions or you fancy other tours where to discover a hidden Malaga, a more intimate Picasso, or exciting stories such as the Spanish civil war, our private tours in Malaga are unique experiences. Here you have some to check out. Click on any of them for more information!

malaga private tours

Le grand tour

Includes the main things to see in Malaga. Through the main Malaga attractions (cathedral, Roman theater, etc.) we’ll make a journey through time, professionally explained, in which you will discover the different civilizations that formed this city. Includes the entrance to the Alcazaba. Go

things to do in Malaga

Following Picasso

This tour offers a unique journey through the footprints in the city of our illustrious citizen, Pablo Picasso. You’ll understand the deep influence he inherited from his surroundings and his father, also a painter. We’ll review his life from his birth to his last visit to Malaga with 20 years.Go

things to do in Malaga

Secret Malaga

On this tour another Malaga will arise. You’ll be shown spots well worth a visit but not given much attention. Archaeological remains, hidden churches … places where daily life happens, away from the usual Malaga sightseeing, where you will learn secret stories only told on this tour.Go

Malaga tourist information

At this website you will be able to find all kinds of useful information for your holidays, such as the Malaga weather, what to see, the best hotels or our Malaga beaches. We have also made a guide with what to do in Malaga in one day, as well as in two, three and even four days.

In our blog you will also find posts of interest related to Malaga tourism. And if you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help you!


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