Malaga beaches

Every single Malaga beach has its differences. Here we give you some tips so you can decide which one to go to. Malaga beaches can be clasified in eastern or western beaches, depending if they are to the east or the west of the city center. At the east we have La Malagueta, La Caleta, Balneario del Carmen and El Palo (also known as Pedregalejo). The western beaches are Huelin (also known as Misericordia) and Sacaba. All of them are fine, but we think the best beaches in Malaga are the eastern ones, and here you’ll understand why.

1. El Palo

From the far east of Malaga, know as “El Candado,” to the “Balneario del Carmen” you will find lots of breakwaters creating circular beaches. It is perfect for going with the family, as you have lots of restaurants and shops by the sea. You will find lots of local people and also expats that actually are living in the area. Eating there is very cheap and good! You can still find small fishermen boats on the sand, knows as “jábegas” and the feeling there is like you have moved to a fishing village.

2. Balneario del Carmen

This Malaga beach is quite particular as it is very small. Actually every winter there is a storm that wipe the beach out and there is no sand where to stand. And every year they bring some new sand in. But this is going to change with a project of new breakwaters. Meanwhile, is always nice to enjoy this place mostly just to have the views of the Balneario, a restaurant that was a sea spa now one century ago. No shops, no families, so if you want to stay isolated, this one’s for you.

3. La Caleta

In our opinion, this is the best beach of Malaga. It is very wide so there is plenty of space. The view of the mountain to the east is simply gorgeous. Lots of villas and expensive condos are in the area. We could say it is the less crowded beach in Malaga. The promenade by the sea is full of runners and cyclers enjoying this part of the city. It is closer to the center, so it is possible to walk from there. And of course there are many “chiringuitos” (restaurants by the sea), but more pricey than at El Palo. 

malaga beaches malagueta

4. Malagueta

This beach is also wide but always full, as it is the closest to the center. The mix is funny and interesting, but busy and noisy. Here you will find a young crowd from all over the world as well as local people. People love to stay at the grass under the palm trees, or taking pictures at the Malagueta letters. From sellers carrying mojitos and beer to Asian women selling massages… anything can be found here. Keep it in mind that here you get the shadow of the buildings by the beach long before the sunset!  

malaga beaches huelin

5. Huelin

From all the Malaga beaches, this is the most popular one. In fact, Huelin is one of the most high-dense populated areas in Europe. So even if it’s wide, you will find lots of people, normally families carrying everything they need to spend a whole day there. Being close to the industrial port, the water is not always very clean. The sand is also refilled every year, but it is dark with lots of dust. If you don’t have any other choice, is fine, but locals if they can, they drive to somewhere else. 

6. Sacaba

This is more like a savage beach. In fact the sea promenade doesn’t reach there. It is the west limit of Malaga with an isolated building by the beach. There is a big parking space between the access road and the beach, so parking is not a problem. But honestly, there is nothing good we can point out to suggest you going there. Anyway, we are sure all this is going to change as they are building high standard and expensive condos in the area. Surely it will become a fashionable beach proximately.  

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