We know you wonder...

You can find cheaper tours in Malaga, why choose Voila?

Our policy is to offer a good, personalised service. We normally deal with small groups. Small groups ensure one on one attention from our guides. You will be able to clearly see the graphic information shown to you (pictures, plans, etc.), and you won’t need to wear earphones!

Our guides are local and professional, and they’ll take you to selected places other tours won’t. Some other companies do their tours by bus, so they miss the city centre, which is the most interesting place to visit. Some have an international recruitment for guides, so they could be showing you Malaga, Prague or Lisbon.

We are not a small group, can we join together for the tour?

Yes. In fact, we will attend any other circumstances not included in the booking page. You just have to email us at info@voilamalaga.com with your requirements and we will do our best to work around you.

We would love to do your tours but the start time is not suitable for us?

Don´t worry, we can change it to your convenience. Just send us an email as in answer n. 2

If I book a tour for 2, will we be tagged on to another couple?

No. We don’t mix people from different bookings. The tour will be made for just two people.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, click here to see it.

Why should I give my phone number?

It is highly recommended for informing you of last minute changes if they were to occur. Also, if you appear to be running late we will call you to check everything is OK and you are not lost. If you are more than 20 minutes late, we will understand the tour has been cancelled.

Do the tours include entrance fees?

Yes, all our tours include entrance fees to the sites we’re visiting (historic buildings, museums, etc.) and refreshments during a break.

Do you accept credit cards?

Payment for a tour should usually be made during the online booking process. For last minute bookings that cannot be paid online we can accept cash at the beginning of the tour.

Are the tours made entirely on foot? Are we walking long distances?

Voila tours are easily made on foot. They don’t imply long distances and we always do a stop in the middle for a soft drink or coffee. We recommend you wear comfortable shoes. The visit to the “Alcazaba” (at Le Grand Tour), includes descending some steep slopes (high heels are not a good idea!)

Are the sites and museums wheelchair accessible or suitable for child push chairs/strollers?

Yes, except at the Alcazaba (Le Grand Tour). Although you can get access by lift and see the top part, you don’t have accessibility to the rest of the monument. As it is a historic building and built on a hill, unfortunately we can´t do anything about that. However you can still enjoy this tour and we can compensate for the parts missed by visiting the Cathedral, for example.

Are children welcome?

Yes, although we think our tours will not be very appealing to children, as they won’t understand everything. Kids under 7 don’t have to pay. However, their parents will have to pay all their expenses (entrances, food, drinks, etc.)