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One of the most visited Malaga attractions and a must when you come to town. Both a fortress and a palace, it’s the finest example of a full built Alcazaba in Spain. Little sister of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, you’ll find many corners where to take beautiful pictures and also good views to town.  

cathedral malaga attractions


The Cathedral of Malaga surprise visitors for its grandeur. Built where the old big mosque of Malaga was, this Catholic church has many singularities you can’t miss. The interior is simply stunning, being one of the highest cathedrals in Spain. A visit to the roof is also available and advisable.  

roman theatre malaga attractions

Roman theatre

The oldest building in town, from the era of Jules Cesar, with an incredible history of being forgotten and later redescovered. You can actually walk through it and be seated on part of it. The view from the pedestrian street is one of the best in Malaga city, with the Alcazaba at the back on top of the hill.  

gibralfaro castle malaga attractions

Castle of Gibralfaro

There are two ways of getting here, walking up the hill or by car / bus. But the reward is worthy. You’ll get the best pictures in town from here. Panoramic views on every direction, to the sea and to the mountains, and a nice path through its walls where to discover Malaga landscape. 

central market malaga attractions


The old arsenal where the Arabs used to repair their boats and now central market from the 19th century. A lively place where your senses will be awakened. You will find any kind of fruit, olives, almonds, fish, and many more. You can also try some tapas made after the good stuff they sell there. 

botanic garden malaga attractions

Jardín Botánico La Concepción

One of the best botanic parks in Europe. You will find species of any kind, from everywhere in the world. A joyful walk through this beautiful park with some hidden architecture, from a stone temple to the mansion of the original owners and creators of this garden, back in 1855.


museum malaga attractions

Museo de Malaga

This museum is divided in two. The provincial Archaeological collection and the Fine Arts collection. Both are really interesting and it is one of the best reviewed museums in Malaga. The building itself is impressive and worthy to see. Don’t miss the storeroom and the restaurant on the roof!

picasso museum malaga attractions

Picasso Museum

The most visited museum in Andalusia. The works here displayed are the ones Picasso didn’t want to reach the art market, so they have always belonged to his family. Another particularity is that you can see any kind of art expression (painting, sculpture, printing, etc.) and from all his periods.  

Pompidou Center

This is the first time the Centre Pompidou in Paris has a siege outside France. Here you will find contemporary art from the 20th and 21st century. Of course, you will always find some Picassos but also other great names like Matisse, Chagall, Frida Kahlo, and some current artists.  

Car and Fashion Museum

This is one of our favorite Malaga attractions. Located in the old tobacco factory of Malaga, here you won’t find any paintings. The main collection is about cars, from very old ones to some futuristics ones. By them, couture dresses matching the automobiles make the perfect sight.

Russian Art Museum

This time we find a special rarity not only in town but in Spain and part of Europe. The Russian Art museum of Malaga introduces us to Russian artists who would be difficult to know unless you travel to Russia. The space is grand and the works are a total discovery.

malaga attractions birthplace picasso

Birthplace of Picasso

A place to meet the legend in his intimacy. The house where he was born and lived his first years. Here you will find personal belongings to Picasso and his family, as well as some works of art related to Malaga. They do also temporary exhibitions, always interesting.  

malaga attractions carmen thyssen museum

Carmen Thyssen

Another little jewel in town, the private collection of Carmen Thyssen in Malaga is worth to visit. Is mostly focused in Andalusian painters of the 19th century, but they always do very good temporary exhibitions. The building is also unique, an old Renaissance palace with nice wooden ceilings.

Jorge Rando Museum

Out of the tourist circuit, this one is special in many ways. Is the only expressionist museum in Spain, and is mainly around Jorge Rando, a Malaga born artist who made his career in Germany. He is still alive and taking care of this place, teaching sometimes a master class.

Glass Museum

Since its opening has been one of the most acclaimed museums in Malaga. Located in an old 17th century house, you will learn the glass history from the beginnings until now, admiring unique pieces of art and decoration. A hidden treasure in the city, totally recommendable.


Iglesia de la Victoria

Among the Malaga attractions, this church is very special. It houses the image of the saint patron of the city, the Virgin of Victoria.  The dome that protects her is one of the finest baroque spaces in Andalusia. The crypt is also very interesting with a bit macabre decoration (now under restoration). 

Iglesia de Santiago

Its outside decoration has some islamic inspiration. This church is part of our Picasso tour as it is the one where Picasso was baptized (you can see the pile and the registry of his baptism).  Meet also inside one of the most revered images in Malaga, a Christ with natural hair called  “Jesus el Rico”.

Iglesia de los Mártires

One of the oldest churches in Malaga, it is devoted to the other saint patrons of the city, Ciriaco and Paula. The interior is simple fascinating. Baroque decoration everywhere makes you feel you are in Versailles. Don’t miss the Holy Supper images, they go altogether in procession at the Holy Week.

Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón

In neogothic style, it is one of the newest churches in Malaga. Nevertheless, totally recommendable. Designed by one of the most renowned Malaga architects of all times, you can see his mastery not only in the space, but on every detail.  Don’t miss the rose window over the front door from the inside!

Iglesia de San Felipe Neri

Most of the churches in Malaga were built in Renaissance style and decorated later in Baroque. This is one of the few originally designed in Baroque style. You’ll see it in the interior, where a big ellipse comprehends the central space. Don’t forget the painted façades with geometrical patterns.

Iglesia Cristo de la Salud

When you enter in this church for the first time you get surprised. It is just a circular space under a perfect dome, so you see everything from any point of view. Originally belonging to the jesuits, the most interesting part is the dome itself, covered with paintings of saints and false architecture.

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Following Picasso

Proud of our most known citizen, Pablo Picasso, we offer a unique tour where you can track his traces in Malaga. You will understand the deep influence that he inherited from his surroundings and from his father, also a painter. We will review his life from his birth until his last visit to Malaga when he was 20.


Secret Málaga

Secret Malaga

On this tour a new city will appear before your eyes. A special Malaga sightseeing visiting very interesting places not given much attention. Places where daily life takes place, outside the traditional touristic routes, where you will discover secret stories that you will only get to know by doing this tour.


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Le grand tour

Includes highlights of our city you must not miss when you visit Malaga. The main Malaga sights (Roman theatre, Malaga cathedral, Alcazaba) professionally explained in a travel through time where you´ll meet many civilizations that gave shape to this city. Includes the only virtual reality experience in Malaga.


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