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picasso's birthplace

If there is a basic piece in the puzzle of the cultural and museum environment of Malaga, we can say that Picasso’s Birthplace would be the base around which this city has differentiated itself from other cities and other proposals.

On October 25, 1881 Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in this place, on the first floor of the building. Today, the building houses on the same floor the family sitting room that has been recreated with old furniture and the some paintings made by Pablo’s father, José Ruiz Blasco.

picassos birthplace
Entrance of Picasso’s birthplace in Plaza de la Merced, Malaga

In recent years, the devotion of the city to its most illustrious citizen has been a love relationship. But it was not always like this. During Picasso’s life, the society of Malaga was conditioned on one hand by the Franco regime, openly contrary to the painter. On the other hand, the lack of understanding of a new artistic language that got far from the taste of the general society of that time.

Luckily, all this is changing. Picasso’s Birthplace is doing its bit to make it so. Its educational proposal is very important, as well as that of the Picasso Museum of Malaga, trying to cultivate new generations (and not so new) through courses and workshops for all audiences.

picasso's birthplace
Temporary exhibition about Iliazd and Picasso

In addition, in the house you can find different personal belongings of the family related to Picasso, always interesting to browse. And of course, on its ground floor (as well as in another building nearby), there are always interesting temporary exhibitions where you can discover different facets of the artist.

Few people know that Picasso himself lived here for a short time. He would spend most of his childhood in a building right next to his birthplace. There is a plaque in it explaining this fact. These plates are distributed throughout Malaga at the sites that were key in his life in the city. You can discover all of them thanks to our Picasso Following tour.

picassos birthplace
Blind minotaur guided by a girl in the night, as shown in the exhibition “Picasso, painter of engravings, aquatint”

If you would also like to deepen the work and life of the great artist, in our Picasso Deciphering we carry a guided visit through both Picasso’s Birthplace and the Picasso Museum of Malaga.

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