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Whether you have little time in town or you are going to visit Malaga city for the first time, Le Grand Tour is definitely your best choice. The main Malaga tourist attractions in one visit, shown by local and professional guides. On this route we will travel through almost 3,000 years of history. A full understanding of Malaga history, traditions, and more!

What’s about

This Malaga walking tour will go through the different civilizations that have inhabited the city, starting with its first founders, the Phoenicians. The Roman era will be represented by the Roman theater of Malaga, with its fascinating story of abandonment and rediscovery.

We will follow up with the Islamic culture, explaining in detail the most visited of Malaga attractions, the Alcazaba, an Arab fortress from the 11th century. We will visit its palace, reminiscent of the Alhambra in Granada, enjoying stunning views and its fabulous gardens.

The Christian era will be represented by the cathedral of Malaga, a building that summarizes centuries of construction and part of Malaga history. You will learn interesting stories as its first origin as a mosque or the abrupt end of its construction. Here we will introduce you to Bernardo de Galvez, American hero of the Independence war of the United States, and you will learn about the bonds that connect Malaga with the USA.

All this linked with numerous graphic resources (plans, prints, old photos) that will make you much easier to read some revealing archaeological findings we’ll show you throughout the tour and that normally go unnoticed in Malaga.

If you were wondering about things to do in Malaga, with this tour we offer you the best of the city explained in the best possible way and with some very interesting extras. Meet us! Our meeting point is at Plaza de la Marina, at the corner of McDonald’s restaurant.



    • 3h Private guided visit
    • Entrance to Alcazaba, skip the line


  • Alcazaba of Malaga
  • Roman Theatre
  • Cathedral (exterior)
  • Rector’s Office
  • Museo de Malaga
  • Park of Málaga


ROUTE: Plaza de la Marina, Hans-Christian Andersen Statue, Park of Malaga, Museo de Malaga, Rector’s Office Building, City Hall, Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens, Alcazaba, Roman Theatre, Cathedral, Plaza del Obispo.


1 Adult

120€ / person

2 Adults

75€ / person

3 Adults

60€ / person

4 Adults

50€ / person

* All taxes included

OFFER! If you book 2 of any of our cultural tours, the second one has a 20€ discount per person on any kind of group.

If you have a special group (family with children, more than 4 people, etc.) contact us and ask for our special prices.

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