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In this tour you will discover how to read Picasso thanks to our professional guides, experts in the artist. . On the one hand, the visit to the Birthplace of Picasso will take you to his personal bonds with the city that saw him born. Later we’ll visit the Picasso Museum, and you will be able to admire all the periods of the great artist as well as the different techniques he used throughout his career. And the best thing about it, you will skip the line with us!

What’s about

We will start in the Plaza de la Merced, where Picasso spent his childhood and still maintains the atmosphere it had at that time. First we will enter his Birthplace, today an exhibition center for visitors to enjoy.

In Picasso’s Birthplace you will discover the artist in his privacy. Once his house as a child, the place is full of memories linked to the family. You will see paintings of Picasso’s father, José Ruiz Blasco, also a painter, and original family belongings. In addition, you will discover certain very Spanish items that accompanied the painter all his life.

Later in the Picasso Museum you will admire the private collection belonging to the descendants of the artist and his first wife, Olga Kokhlova. Works of art that cover Picasso’s entire career, as well as the great variety of artistic techniques he used in his life: painting, sculpture, ceramics, prints, etc.

Discover the secrets of the most prolific artist in history and the most influential of the twentieth century. If you want to understand modern art, its birth and its main representative, this tour is essential. This visit is also recommended as the perfect continuation of our Following Picasso tour. Our meeting point will be in the Plaza de la Merced, by the statue of Picasso.


    • 2h private guided tour
  • Entrance to Picasso’s Birthplace
  • Entrance to Picasso Museum
  • Prices

    1 Adult

    120€ / person

    2 Adults

    75€ / person

    3 Adults

    60€ / person

    4 Adults

    50€ / person

    *All taxes included

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