Secret Málaga

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We are sure this tour is one of a kind in Malaga tourism. Thanks to this visit, places that normally go unnoticed will reveal the secrets they keep behind. Malaga city will open surprisingly and will seduce you. Get ready to discover the hidden gems of the city and stories even locals don’t know about.

What’s about

In this tour you will learn, among other things, the urban evolution of Malaga. The variation of the limit between the city and the sea has marked much of its history. We will go back to places that were sea in past times and how that is reflected in the varied architecture of the city.

You will discover where ancient buildings that no longer exist today as the fort of San Lorenzo or the castle of the Genoese, were located. In addition, you will also visit places where locals gather like some hidden churches or even the Central Market.

We will show you archaeological finds of great importance still standing, such as the double defensive wall of the city, from the fourteenth century, or the port wall of the Roman Malaga from the fourth century.

During this Malaga waking tour you will discover a city that was fully painted in the 18th century. We will trace some original wall paintings of the time and also visit some very interesting churches. We will end with the most famous street in Malaga, Calle Larios. You will understand its history and that of its builder, the Marquis of Larios.

If you are planning some Malaga tourism, join this unique tour where the city will reveal you its secrets. We especially recommend doing it as a follow-up of our “Le Grand Tour”. Our meeting point is at Plaza de la Marina, at the corner of McDonald’s restaurant.



    • 3h Private guided visit


    • Visit archaeological remains
    • Barroque wall paintings
    • Saints Martyrs Church
    • Palace from 18th century
    • Old Roman Port
    • Larios Palace remains


ROUTE: Plaza de la Marina, Alameda Principal Street, Grand Central Market, Germans’ Bridge, Posada del Patio Hotel, Sacred Heart Church, Saints Martyrs Church, Carmen Thyssen Museum, Plaza de la Constitución, Larios Street, Plaza de las Flores, Plaza de la Marina.


1 Adult

120€ / person

2 Adults

75€ / person

3 Adults

60€ / person

4 Adults

50€ / person

* All taxes included

OFFER! If you book 2 of any of our cultural tours, the second one has a 20€ discount per person on any kind of group.

If you have a special group (family with children, more than 4 people, etc.) contact us and ask for our special prices.

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