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Here you have a selection with links to some of our favorite Malaga hotels. 4 and 5 star hotels that will make your visit to Malaga Spain a whole delight. We believe at Voilà Málaga tours that each of these hotels have something special that makes them being on this list. So if you are still wondering where to stay in Malaga, here we can help you decide.

Gran Hotel Miramar

Recently renovated, it was inaugurated nearly one century ago. The same king of Spain came to Malaga for this event. A crown on its main façade reminds us of that special visit. Close to the beach, outdoor swimming pool, spa and roof terrace. What else can you ask for?

Parador Gibralfaro

Surely the hotel with the better views of Malaga city. Built in 1948 but renovated in the 90’s, this small hotel with just 38 rooms, has some works of Picasso decorating its walls. Good restaurant and an outdoor swimming pool. A good choice if you want to enjoy tranquility.

AC Marriott

An iconic building in town, built in the 60’s, formerly known by Hotel Malaga Palacios. It has the highest terrace in town and it is close to the cathedral, so its panoramic views are spectacular. A busy hotel as they normally house many attendants to the major Malaga events. 

Vincci Posada del Patio

This was an old inn in the 17th century, and now turned into a 5 star hotel. Good location, a swimming pool on the terrace, a good jazz bar with live music and impressive archaeological finds in its basement makes this hotel one of the best choices for staying in Malaga. 

malaga hotels

Room Mate Larios

Location, location, location. It has the best of all in Malaga city. In fact, all the main events pass by this building, so if you have a balcony facing the Calle Larios or the Plaza de la constitucion, you will enjoy them fully. Antonio Banderas normally stays here to enjoy the Semana Santa.

Palacio Solecio

A renovated old palace from the 18th century opened in 2019 as the only luxury boutique hotel in Malaga center. Its promising deluxe restaurant Balausta is run by renowned chef Jose Carlos Garcia, already with one Michelin star. A historical place to enjoy on every detail.

If you want to know more about Malaga, here you will have info about the Malaga weather, the main attractions or the best beaches in town. And if you want to know the city in a proper way, let us introduce you Malaga with one of our tours.

Fancy any of our Malaga tours?

picasso tour in malaga

Le grand tour

Includes highlights of our city you must not miss when you visit Malaga. The main Malaga attractions (Roman theatre, Malaga cathedral, Alcazaba) professionally explained in a travel through time where you´ll meet many civilizations that gave shape to this city. Includes the only virtual reality experience in Malaga.


Secret Málaga

Secret Malaga

On this tour a new city will appear before your eyes. A special Malaga sightseeing visiting very interesting places not given much attention. Places where daily life takes place, outside the traditional touristic routes, where you will discover secret stories that you will only get to know by doing this tour.


things to do in Malaga

Spanish Civil War

Learn a key episode in Malaga history through the testimonies of the expats who witnessed the fight at first hand. We will visit places where action took place and you will discover stories of spies, avengers and altruists. A different, informative walking tour and definitely, one of the best things to do in Malaga.


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