Spanish Civil War

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A very special tour where you will get to know an intense period of the history of Spain and how it was so dramatically lived in Malaga. We will relive key moments like the Second Republic, the failed military coup in Malaga and the fall of the city. Through the eyes of English and American expats you will know how they lived that time in the city and their adventures to survive between intrigues, spies and accusations of treason.

What’s about

We’ll visit the upper class quarter, El Limonar, where most of these witnesses used to live and experienced the war at first hand. You’ll know where they lived, and where all the stories we explain in our visit happened.

Many real testimonies will be read along the tour on the exact spots where they happened. You will feel totally inmersed in the ambience of those days in Malaga city.

We’ll enter at the College of Architects, impressive villa with a thrilling story of treason. We will finish at the old Caleta Palace Hotel, where some of the stories of these witnesses come to an end. You’ll learn how some of them escaped, others stayed and why even some returned.

You will discover a vibrant period in Spain history, and what happened on the first months of the Spanish civil war in Malaga. Our meeting point will be at the Subdelegación del Gobierno.


    • 2,5h. Private guided tour
    • Castle of Santa Catalina
    • El Limonar neighbourhood
    • Villa Maya
    • Villa Los Pinos
    • College of Architects
    • Old Caleta Palace Hotel


    • Edward Norton
    • Sir Peter Chalmers-Mitchell
    • Gamel Woolsey
    • Gerald Brenan
    • Laurie Lee
    • Norman Bethune
    • Arthur Koestler


  • Failure of the mitilary coup in Málaga
  • Being foreigner in times of war
  • Suspicions, registers and spying
  • Refugees at El Limonar
  • Air raids and reprisals
  • The fall of Malaga and fleeing the city

ROUTE: Old Caleta Palace Hotel, Villa Fernanda, Castle of Santa Catalina, Villa La Era, Villa Rosalía, Villa San Ramón, Villa Maya, Villa Los Pinos, College of Architects, Old Caleta Palace Hotel.


1 Adult

120€ / person

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75€ / person

3 Adults

60€ / person

4 Adults

50€ / person

*All taxes included

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