Picasso Museum of Malaga – A new start for Malaga

picasso museum of malaga

Since 2003, the Picasso Museum of Malaga has only brought good things to the city. But its creation was not easy, although Picasso himself would have liked to have seen with his own eyes his museum in his hometown.

The visit to the Picasso Museum of Malaga is one of the things you should do in Malaga on your first visit. First, the uniqueness of the museum itself. It is a museum that shows part of the private collection of the artist’s family. Specifically, the descendants of Pablo’s marriage with Olga Khokhlova.

Temporary exhibition about Olga Khokhlova, Picasso’s first wife

Not only does it contain works from that period of his career. On the contrary, in this museum you can appreciate the entire career of the Malaga genius, from its first beginnings to its final stage, passing through stages: blue, pink, cubist, etc.

In addition, it is not just a museum of paintings. Another important feature of the Picasso Museum of Malaga is the variety of artistic techniques the artist practiced and dominated in his long life: painting, sculpture, ceramics, collage, engravings … For something he has been and is the most prolific artist in all art history.

picasso museum of malaga
Reinassance courtyard of Museo Picasso Malaga

With this museum, Malaga finally demonstrates its pride for its most famous citizen. But its fulfillment was not easy. Picasso himself wanted to have a museum in his birth city. But his differences with the Franco regime did not allow this idea to materialize. There were certain contacts whose fruits can be seen in the Museo de Malaga, but nothing more.

picasso museum of malaga
Shop of the museum

The choice of the building where the Picasso Museum of Malaga is housed is also not accidental. It was a place where Picasso, as a child, passed by to arrive, by his father’s hand, to his school that was a little further ahead in front of the church of San Agustín.

Open terrace of the cafe, Museo Picasso Malaga

All these stories and more you can discover on our Following Picasso tour, where you will understand the relationship and influence that Malaga has had on the great artist. And if you want to make a more in-depth visit, make our Picasso Deciphering, where we visit his Birthplace and the Picasso Museum of Malaga, in which we will try to learn to appreciate and understand his art.

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