Olive oil – The millenary ingredient

aceite de olivaOlive oil has been settled in Mediterranean civilizations nearly for ever. Today, Spain continues to be a world leader in this basic condiment, both in its production and consumption. Just drive through the rural areas of Andalusia and you will see olive trees as far as the eye can see. Green gold, as we Spaniards call it, is the basis of our gastronomy. But not just any olive oil is good. Thanks to our friend Juliana from TresenTienda we have been able to go deeper into the world of this liquid delicacy.

juliana tresentienda

We visited Juliana in her nice shop located in the heart of the historical centre of Malaga, next to the convent of Cister. You must stop here if you want to know the differences between types of olive oil on sale and taste them. It is needles to say that this is one of the most precious souvenirs of our tourists, since in their countries these bottles reach quite high prices.

tienda aceite de oliva malaga

First of all, we appreciate the great variety of formats and brands of oil that even living in Andalusia, we did not know. I have to admit that in my family we have always enjoyed “good” olive oil from cooperatives in inland villages with a quite good quality. But if you add to that a nice bottle and a good design, bravo!

degustación aceite oliva

The store also offers tastings where you can appreciate why a virgin olive oil is better than a refined one, and within virgin olive oils, what difference there is between those you find in regular supermarkets, produced in an industrial way, and those made on a smaller scale which are for sale in their shop.

sales tresentienda malaga

In addition to different oils with different aromas, Tresentienda offers other types of food related products that are also interesting such as vinegars, traditional ceramic dishes or salts of different flavours. Also, they can prepare a special package for you with the products that you wish to make a different gift.

juliana tresentienda
Juliana showing us one of the varieties of oil in Tresentienda

But if there’s one thing we have to highlight, it’s the passion Juliana puts into what she does. She likes the oil, she values it and enjoys it. And that makes you want to buy the whole store. We have already felt for it and tried some of her delicatessen oils. Simply in a slice of bread or in a salad, a good oil makes the difference, and with these products you never fail. We can’t wait to get back there, we don’t have a drop left!

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