All about Malaga

27 April 2020

Olive oil – The millenary ingredient

Olive oil has been settled in Mediterranean civilizations nearly for ever. Tod...

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17 October 2019

Atarazanas Market – The central market of Malaga

The Atarazanas market is a unique building that, like the Alcaza...

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1 October 2014

La Cañada del Sacristán, the magic of inland Andalusia

Lately I visited our friend Antonio, from La Cañada del Sac...

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5 April 2014

Malaga, the best place to live!

Today we have woken up with good news. Well, for us, Andalusians, this is not so "new...

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4 April 2014

Garum, a recipe lost in time

Garum is a well-known word in Malaga and, more or less, along the old Roman Empire. It was...

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