Russian Art Museum of Malaga – An art to discover

The Russian art museum in Malaga is a small gem within the city’s tourist attractions, and specifically its museums. It is a unique opportunity to meet artists who, if not for this museum, we would have to travel to Russia itself to know about them.

Within the commitment of the city council to attract different artistic proposals, the Russian art museum in Malaga has been perfectly inserted in the museum scene. In this case, having this museum in Malaga is a privilege for two reasons. On one hand the enjoyment of almost inaccessible collections for Malaga and on the other, the recovery of a historical building of great value.

Russian Art Museum of Malaga
Entrance of the Russian art museum of Malaga, at the old tobacco factory

The first thing that surprises when entering this museum is the space. The generosity of space means this museum can house great works without major problems and, regardless of a large number of visitors, the visit is equally enjoyed.

Russian Art Museum of Malaga
Temporary exhibition about Kazimir Malevich

The collections shine by themselves. All the works come from the Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg, a museum dedicated entirely to Russian artists and one of the largest in that country. Names like Kandinsky, Chagall, Malevich, and others not so famous but equally interesting, begin to be common in the Malaga language.

Sculpture made for the Russian Pavillion at the International Exhibition in Paris, 1937

In the case of the Russian art museum of Malaga, several formats are combined. There is a great exhibition that normally lasts one year and then a series of parallel exhibitions that last several months. In addition, the museum offers interesting activities around Russian literature or even film screenings, bringing Russian culture closer to Spain.

Russian Art Museum of Malaga
Temporary exhibition held in 2019 about Nikolai Roerich

Visiting the Russian art museum of Malaga is like taking a trip to a distant and attractive country. The museum’s shop is also very interesting. In it you can find in addition to the catalogs of the exhibitions, classic books of Russian literature in Spanish, as well as others where you can delve into the history of a country with a great culture.

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