Malaga wine tourism – An unforgettable experience

malaga wine tourism

Recently we have been fortunate to meet Marina, from Enoxperience, specialized in conducting guided visits to wineries in Malaga located in the Axarquia area and in the Montes de Malaga. Wine tourism is a very important sector in the industry of our country. Areas with designation of origin such as Rioja or Ribera del Duero already have a wide range of tourism around wine. Malaga wine tourism is quite new in comparison, but the particularity of our wines, together with a tradition of centuries of wine production, make an oenological visit more than an experience. Here we discover what awaits you on this type of visit.

Marina, our friendly guide, in front of the Axarquía vineyards
  1. Visit to the vineyard (Moclinejo, Axarquia)

First, we visit the place where the grapes grow. The particularity of the grapevines in this area is that they are located at ground level. Marina teaches us that the soil also brings a particularity to the wine produced in the area. A rocky substrate, formed mainly by slate, adds a mineral aroma to the final product.

malaga wine tourism
Sleeping grapevines during winter, region of Axarquía

The landscape is very steep, and the vineyards are situated on mountain slopes. The work of these lands is hard. Only in the most accessible areas they can count on the help of mules. Another peculiarity is that the grapevines of the area are quite old, some several decades old, which makes the production not so large. Approximately one kilo of grapes is obtained when up to seven kilos per grapevine can be obtained in a more recent plantation.

View of structures used for traditional raisin manufacturing

2. Visit to the winery

We move to the village of Moclinejo to visit one of the most authentic wineries in Malaga, Bodegas Dimobe. These winery is a family business, currently managed by the fourth generation. The production is varied, from white to pink, red and vinos de Malaga.

wine malaga tours
Traditional press of the Dimobe Winery

Several surprises await us inside the winery. The conservation of a traditional press impresses and shows us how wine production was carried out in the past. A luxury we had only seen in the famous Lagar de Torrijos, where the old-fashioned style of pressing grapes is still reproduced every end of September.

wines malaga
Exhibition of the different wines produced in the winery

The tour of the winery takes us from the white wine fermentation zone, with its modern stainless steel drums, to the area where traditional red wine barrels await us. In addition, there are several rooms that deserve special mention, such as rooms enabled as a museum, where relics are preserved around the traditional wine production of this winery itself. And of course, the sancta sanctorum which is the room dedicated to the production of Pedro Ximen, cared about as a treasure.

Room dedicated to wine made with Pedro Ximen grapes in Bodegas Dimobe

3. Wine tasting

Finally, we made a wine tasting from their own wines. They have a fairly extensive production to be a family business, with a variety of more than 20 types of wines. In our tasting we tried six very special ones. Three dry and three Malaga wines with their sweet particularity that Moscatel and Pedro Ximen grapes provide.

malaga wine tasting

If you want to experience Malaga wine tourism, contact us and we will advise you on the different types of visits available in the surroundings of Malaga.

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