Atarazanas Market – The central market of Malaga

atarazanas market

The Atarazanas market is a unique building that, like the Alcazaba or the Cathedral of Malaga, reflects the passage of time, civilizations and changes of style in time in the same building. Started being Arab, most of what we see today is from the 19th century, a cheerful and vibrant market like few others.

The most important feature of this building from an architectural point of view is undoubtedly its main door. From the Arab era, it dates from the 12th century, and it was actually part of a building that had six more doors like this one. That building was the arsenal, the place where the Arabs repaired their ships. Hence the height of the entrance.

atarazanas market
Arabic entrance of the Atarazanas Market

The rest of the construction is from the 19th century, but it must be said that it is totally in line with the Arabic style of the door. In fact, although new materials such as glass and iron are used, the decorations are made in a neo-Arabic style.

Decoration detail of the Central Market of Malaga

Another large part of this building is the door opposite the main one, with a large stained glass window that represents the main monuments of Malaga. Once inside, an airy and bright space welcomes you thanks to a kind of Venetian blinds made of glass invading the facade.

atarazanas market
Stained glass window at Atarazanas Market

The distribution is very basic, as the market is divided into three zones. The central one is dedicated to fish. Here you can find fresh fish from the port market, arrived the very same day. On Mondays there is no fish since fishermen rest on Sunday.

Fish stall, fresh and ready to cook

On the left side, as you enter through the Arab gate, we have the butcher’s area. Not only meats, but also all kinds of sausages and products made with meat such as chorizo. On the right side, fruits and vegetables, olives, almonds, spices … a whole festival for the eye, nose and palate.

atarazanas market
Seasonal fruit and vegetables, like this mountain of strawberries at the Atarazanas Market

As if all this was not enough, in recent years they have opened some restaurants that cook the local produce of the same market. You can enjoy it on the outside terrace of the market and have any type of tapas, especially fish.

If you are interested in visiting it, on our Malaga Secret tour we will explain its history. But not only that. Thanks to the technology of virtual reality you can visit the building when it was not yet a market and that area was a beach. You can also discover the ancient walls of Malaga and the fort of San Lorenzo, which was very close and today is missing.

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