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Today we have woken up with good news. Well, for us, Andalusians, this is not so “new”. The English newspaper “The Telegraph” has made a top 20 with the best places in the world to live in, and guess what… Andalusia is at their number one! You can check their article here We could say then that Malaga is the best place to live.

This affirmation is quite stunning when you see it written down: “The best place to live”. What to say about it? I don’t have anything against it, but I have to say that this is something I have not always believed in. Born in Malaga, and through my childhood and early adulthood, I have lived at this part of the coast in Andalusia, and have had direct contact with foreign people who mostly where on holidays, but some of them were also living here. That made think and I started to be interested in where this people were from and why they ended up living here.

As an adult, once I started to travel, I had to admit there were lots of places with beautiful things to visit, with an unbelievable life, etc. But it is when you live abroad that you start caring about other things that make your daily life. I have lived 10 years out of my hometown, and when I finally came back to Malaga to settle down, I ended up realising that this is one of the best places one could live.

The first thing the article talks about is our architecture, in Moorish style. It is part of our identity. Mostly all the city centres in Andalusia have the layout of a Muslim city: narrow streets with so many bends that you can’t see where you are heading for. You still can experience this in Malaga centre and on every Andalusian village.

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Andalusian cuisine is also something stressed by the article, as is one of our highlights. Traditional cookery is deeply rooted, fabulous food made with love by our mothers with a recipe inherited from who knows when. And you can have a glimpse of that in our famous tapas. But Spain has also been awarded in recent years with the best restaurants in the world, and many of our chefs have become renowned all over the world. They have turned our traditional tapas upside-down, but the result is equally delicious.

The article sums up in one phrase “Southern Spain offers a life as rich in history, culture and cuisine as anywhere in Europe”. One of our goals in our private tours in Voilà Málaga is to show this reality. Not only thinking about the tourist, but also about lots of people living abroad around Malaga doesn’t know much about our history, culture and cuisine. With our guided tours you will discover plenty of things to see in Malaga, funny and curious stories, places to eat, etc. Why not checking our experiences?

Although “The Telegraph” is quite right, there is a main thing missing in their article: our weather. Having more than 300 sunny days per year, mild winters and cool summer nights, this is something many other places in the world can’t beat. So I couldn’t agree anymore with our logo: “Smile! You are in Malaga”

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