All about Malaga

18 October 2019

The Cathedral of Malaga – An Unfinished Symphony

The Cathedral of Malaga stands in the silhouette of the city sin...

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17 October 2019

La Alcazaba de Málaga – Arab fortress and palace

If we had to choose a single attraction in the city, it would s...

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12 January 2017

Museo de Malaga – Not just another museum in town

Last December, 12th, here in Malaga, we had our latest museum opene...

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21 December 2015

2015 Top 5 events in Malaga

In this annual summary we will make a ranking of the top 5 events in Malaga that have happe...

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18 November 2015

Museum of Malaga, a very close inauguration

The opening of the Museum of Málaga is getting closer, which comprises o...

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14 September 2015

Malaga Ferris wheel, a brand new touristic attraction

This time we have taken a ride at the brand new Malaga Ferris whe...

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25 August 2015

The Cathedral of Malaga, a deluxe viewpoint

Finally in May 2015, visits to the roof of the Cathedral of Malaga were mad...

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19 March 2015

Centre Pompidou Malaga, qu’est-que c’est?

There is too much noise about the Centre Pompidou Malaga but do...

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14 January 2015

Street painting in Málaga, an old story

Street painting, or graffiti, is not something new in the streets of Malaga. I...

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