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The Museo de Malaga is the largest art gallery in Andalusia and the fifth in Spain. It also treasures paintings from the Prado Museum itself. The quality of its works make this museum one of the best valued in the city. Here you can discover what you can find in its Fine Arts section.

Let’s start with the launch of this museum, back in 1914. Its germ is based on the great talent that had been accumulated in the city of Malaga throughout the 19th century. For this, we have to understand that in that century, Malaga was the second economic power in Spain after Barcelona.

Room dedicated to Jose Moreno Carbonero

Many businessmen came to the city from different points, created their businesses, settled with their families and in turn, demanded portraits. This attracted numerous painters from all over Spain. There was a great competition and that meant that in Malaga we had some of the best in the country.

A second generation of artists was educated by these painters, who had begun to teach at the new Fine Arts school. It was then that a new batch of painters of great talent, born in Malaga, won national and international competitions.

Anatomy of a corpse, by Enrique Simonet

Most of the Fine Arts collection of this Museo de Malaga focuses on 19th-century painting. Big names like Bernardo Ferrandiz, Antonio Muñoz Degrain, Jose Moreno Carbonero, Enrique Simonet and many others will delight the visitor.

The Poet’s Tomb, by Pedro Sáenz

In this museum we also have Picasso represented. Contemporary of that second generation of artists from Malaga, his case was somewhat special and apart from the rest. From him you can admire a work of youth when he was only 14 years old and another when he was around 90, as well as a pottery.

It is also explained the relationship established by this museum with Picasso himself to make a museum in his honor in Malaga. An interesting story that ended with the artist’s donation of a collection of drawings currently on display at the Customs House.

Room dedicated to Picassso’s work at the Museo de Malaga

You will be able to know all the details of this museum with Voilà Málaga tours. Specifically, this Fine Arts section is included in our Following Picasso tour, where you will discover the influence of Malaga in his work as well as learn to appreciate his art. And if you want to know more about this museum, discover what’s in its archeology section.

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