All about Malaga

18 October 2019

The Cathedral of Malaga – An Unfinished Symphony

The Cathedral of Malaga stands in the silhouette of the city sin...

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17 October 2019

La Alcazaba de Málaga – Arab fortress and palace

If we had to choose a single attraction in the city, it would s...

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2 December 2017

Rector office of the University of Malaga

From the beginning of November 2017, Malaga adds a new heritage space that fu...

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25 August 2015

The Cathedral of Malaga, a deluxe viewpoint

Finally in May 2015, visits to the roof of the Cathedral of Malaga were mad...

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29 December 2014

Bernardo de Galvez, an American hero from Malaga

April 30th 1789. George Washington was being invested as the first pre...

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25 October 2014

Halloween in Malaga

Halloween in Malaga, although we are still having sun on the beach, is just around the corner. Vo...

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29 August 2014

Secret places in Malaga – Angels and demons at Victory Church

Here is one of our favourite places in Malaga, the Vict...

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26 June 2014

Charming hotels in Malaga – Hotel Convento La Magdalena

We had recently one of the best experiences one could h...

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18 June 2014

Hidden places of Malaga – The crypt of St. Lazaro

It is difficult someone who knows by heart every inch of this c...

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