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Christmas in Malaga

christmas in malaga

We always enjoy this city, but Christmas in Malaga is a show not to be missed. Here you will find some of the things you can find these days.

baby jesus malaga
Baby Jesus at Iglesia de los Santos Mártires

The traditional Christmas decoration in Spanish homes is about nativities. It is a tradition from Naples, southern Italy, as this part of Italy belonged to Spain for a few centuries. But not only you can see them at home. Public places like churches, fraternities, charity organizations and even the Town Hall have their own one. In fact they are really worth visiting. They have even made a booklet with a guide to these beautiful sceneries spread all over the town.

nativity malaga
Nativity at Hospital San Juan de Dios, Málaga

By the way, if you want to make your own Belén (Spanish word for Nativity), you can visit the Christmas market with plenty of stalls selling figures of all kind and also the scenery (castles, caves, watermills, etc…)

Another tradition carried on Christmas time are concerts, may them be classical at the Teatro Cervantes or Christmas Carols in many varieties and many places, like the association “Juan Navarro”, a folklore group singing carols they learned at home from their parents and grand-parents.

carols malaga
Juan Navarro Cultural Association

Other Christmas concerts you may find are from students and teachers at the conservatory that have rescued old music sheets put away at the Cathedral and composed by one of the main musicians of Spain who lived in Malaga at Baroque times. An interesting musical gem not heard from the XVIIth century.

You may find classical carols more commonly known at the Cathedral, some churches and, new this year, the chapel at Museo Jorge Rando.

concert malaga
“Miel de caña” concert at Sala María Cristina, Málaga

But not only classical music is played and listened in Christmas time. In fact, there is a way they sing carols in Andalusia, where they adapt popular ones with a flamenco touch. The result is very lively and enjoyed by locals. You can find it in theatres from groups like “Miel de Caña”, or at the streets in a spontaneous way. Really enjoyable!

But not only this flamenco carols are the local thing to sing. In fact, there is another kind of folklore song only played in Malaga province, the so-called “verdiales”. You can easily find them on Calle Larios with their unique sound and dances.

christmas in malaga
Plaza de la Merced at Christmas time

And at last, but not the least, one of the main attractions why people visit Malaga center these days. Yes, the Christmas lights, which in this 2004 are the best in recent years. A cathedral of light turned on in Calle Larios has made it one of the most photographed streets all over Spain.

christmas in malaga
Christmas tree on Plaza de la Constitución, Málaga
christmas in malaga
Christmas lights at C/ Alcazabilla, Málaga

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