2015 Top 5 events in Malaga

opening centre pompidou malaga cube colors

In this annual summary we will make a ranking of the top 5 events in Malaga that have happened along the year 2015. It has been a great year for tourism, thanks also to the development of new attraction centers as well as new ways to enjoy the city.

  1. Centre Pompidou Malaga

inauguration opening center pompidou malaga
Celebration at the opening of the Center Pompidou Malaga, including a marriage between the Cube and the Lighthouse

In March 2015 with the presence of both President of Spain and Minister of Culture of France, it was opened the first venue outside France from the Pompidou Center, a museum-arts center dedicated to modern art in which indeed, Picasso has a great presence and influence.

This is a pilot project that allows us to see reference works from the Centre Pompidou and other experiences, workshops and exhibitions. French artist Daniel Buren intervened at the “Cube” with colored panels that flood the museum’s courtyard and, at the same time, has become an architectural landmark of the city.

Its inauguration took place days after another one, from the Russian Museum in Malaga, both resulting from the ongoing efforts of the City of Málaga by supporting culture. Shortly before the opening of the Pompidou Center, we published this post where we explain the origin of this new cultural center.

  1. Roof of the Cathedral of Malaga

Roof cathedral malaga views
View of the roof of the Cathedral of Malaga

After a long wait for completing the works for making able the visit to the roof of the Cathedral to the public, we had to wait until all the necessary permits were issued and correct for its opening. After waiting a few months, we could finally see what only a few had been able to enjoy until then, and we have to say the wait was worth it.

The architectural intervention has been very respectful to the building, placing two platforms-viewpoints on the side doors of the cathedral and a perimeter walk across the deck. After an ascent through the finished tower of the cathedral, you access to an intermediate level and, after crossing a terrace, the way up is finished through one of the circular towers that frame the door from the orange-tree courtyard.

Once at the top, you can take a walk around the perimeter of the roof, where you can get a 360 degrees view of Malaga is and, by the way, discover the false vaults covering the roof with sinuous forms. You can also watch closely the unfinished state of the south tower and other parts of the building. If you want to know more about the visit, click here.

  1. Ferris Wheel of Malaga

top 5 events in Malaga
Ferris Wheel of Malaga, at the Muelle Heredia (port)

While the Pompidou Center and the works for the visit the roof of the Cathedral were somewhat expected, this installation took us by surprise. In record time, permits were obtained, a building was demolished within the port and then the big wheel was installed. In late August we had already running a new and different way to see the city, a Ferris wheel 70 meters high with glass cabinets and air conditioning included. Quite a show that has changed the skyline of the city, especially at night, bringing its light to the beautiful view it Málaga offers, especially from the port. Of course, we were in it and this is what we experience.

  1. Night visit to the Alcazaba

Our famous and beloved Alcazaba has surprised us this year with a type of visit that has made us see it through different eyes. Thanks to the “Asociación Zegrí” a non-profit and cultural association, which randomly conducts this kind of activities, we have enjoyed this year a nocturnal visit to the Malaga monument. And we were lucky because event tickets sell out in minutes.

It was definitely the best plan for a summer night where old stories from the monument and the city come together with other experiences, such as watching dancing by candlelight or listen to Andalusian music at the courtyards of the palace of the Alcazaba, just as its former inhabitants used to enjoy. Through these visits we were able to transport us to another time and get in the skin of those inhabitants of the palace, like a midsummer night’s dream.

  1. Festival of Classical Theatre

This has been the second year for the festival in the Roman Theater of Malaga. This time the festival has grown up, expanding the lineup with more different plays and more days to see them. Just the fact of attending a play in a building 2,000 years old is quite an experience, as our ancestors did, at the Malaga of imperial Rome. And at the same time, it is amazing to realize that some things remain the same. Echoes of laughter were heard again at the foot of the Alcazaba, thanks to plays of classical theater, producing the same emotions now in the XXI century as well as two millennia ago. We hope this festival will continue to grow, as we especially like buildings being used as they were conceived, even more if it’s the oldest of the city.

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