The viewpoint of the Alcazaba – A new tourist attraction in Malaga

viewpoint alcazaba malaga

To say at this point that we are opening a new tourist attraction in Malaga can be surprising, especially if it appears in the “golden mile” of the city’s monuments. It is called “Mirador de la Alcazaba” (viewpoint of the Alcazaba), a new promenade from which you can enjoy new views of Malaga. It runs through the back of the Roman Theater and approaches the very base of the walls of the Alcazaba.

In October, 2017 we have attended the inauguration of this new route that, although already built some time ago, was not accessible. Finally it has been opened to the public, free of charge, with an opening time from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (October to May), and from 10 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. (June to September)

new tourist attraction in Malaga alcazaba viewpoint
The Alcazaba with its new promenade and viewpoint
view malaga roman theatre cathedral alcazaba
View of Malaga from the new viewpoint of the Alcazaba

We are very proud to offer a new tourist attraction in Malaga like this, as from it you can enjoy its main monuments, along with a view of the city center unseen until now. To enjoy these views, they have enabled several viewpoints along the way which highlight different perspectives of the city.

It has two entrances, one located between the visitors’ reception center of the Roman Theater and the Albéniz Cinema building. The other one is located on Mundo Nuevo Street, halfway up to the old Alcazaba tunnel. Due to the difference in levels to be saved, they have displayed many ramps and some stairs, so you should think about doing a bit of physical exercise before entering.

roman theater cine albeniz malaga
Starting point of the promenade, between the Roman Theater and the Cine Albeniz

viewpoint alcazaba roman theatre

The choice of materials seems very consistent and respectful with its environment. The natural stone has been arranged in the area near the Roman Theater, as well as the steel, with an oxidized appearance, which runs the entire promenade. The latter can be easily related to the red brick of the Arab fortress.

There is even a kind of recognition to the geometric decoration, so typical of Muslim monuments such as the Alcazaba. It is a metal lattice that surrounds some flights of stairs. Actually, it is two steel plates that are completely perforated. They are identical and are arranged one in front of the other but with a slight shifting. Its vision provides a game of geometries resembling flowers or any imaginable geometric designs so particular of the Arab decoration.

staircase alcazaba malaga
Staircase to access the top part of the promenade
detail staircase alcazaba malaga
Detail of the new staircase by the Alcazaba

The vegetation used throughout the walkway also seems right. Mediterranean pine and rosemary stand out, this latter appearing flanking the edges of the path. These are native species that already belong naturally to the Malaga landscape.

But what we have liked the most has been the warm welcoming. In spite of not having great publicity, and of having a somewhat concealed entry, the affluence to this new walk of the city has been constant. Not only admired by tourists, but also Malaga people are delighted to enjoy a piece of city that runs between so much history and offers spectacular views.

promenade viewpoint malaga alcazaba
Alcazaba walls next to the promenade and viewpoint
view malaga promenade viewpoints alcazaba
View of Malaga from the top part of the promenade

If you want to know this new tourist attraction in Malaga, as well as other important points of the city, we invite you to contact us and we will propose the tour that suits you best.

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