Malaga Ferris wheel, a brand new touristic attraction

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This time we have taken a ride at the brand new Malaga Ferris wheel, called Mirador Princess, which for a few months will be located in the Muelle de Heredia at the capital of the Costa del Sol. And the truth is that enjoyed very much the experience. Our welcome from here to this new tourist attraction of Malaga.

malaga ferris wheel view
View of the Malaga Ferris wheel from Plaza de la Marina

Although we had heard some people had complained about the price, we must say that it seems reasonable. Riding e.g. the London Eye (big wheel in London by the river Thames) costs about 20 pounds (about 25 euros). The Malaga Ferris wheel has a general price of 10 euros. But also has a number of offers, as if you go in groups of 4 or more, it costs € 8 per person, and if you go as a family (two generations), the price goes to 7 €.

The upload system is not like the London Eye, which is always moving and does not stop to board passengers. Here stops from time to time to allow 5 cabins to climb at a time. Once it has filled the whole wheel, it gives 3 full turns, which takes about 15 minutes, more than enough to enjoy the views.

top ferris wheel malaga
View from the top of the Ferris wheel

The first ascent is the most impressive. A belly tickle announces that you’re doing something special, and certainly it is. The height, although from street level is doesn’t look so spectacular, is high enough to see the whole center of the Malaga and beyond, as far as the vision gets lost, from the end of El Palo to beyond Torremolinos.

From the top you can perfectly admire the Alcazaba, Gibralfaro, the Cathedral, the port and the lighthouse, but also some murals at the Soho, Huelin towers or the cement factory at La Araña.

port view ferris wheel malaga
Port view from the Ferris wheel

The booths are fully closed, and they fit 8 people. There are only a few small windows at the top of the cabins where you can puy your camera and take pictures without the glass in the middle. Another plus is that cabins are glazed on all four walls, which gives you a 360º view.

view malaga gibralfaro
View of the center of Malaga and Gibralfaro

The choice of the time of the day is also important. We chose sunset so we could see on one side a beautiful sky changing colors and, on the other hand, the show of how the Ferris wheel got self-illuminated and began to stand out in the evening in Malaga. Of course, any other time of the day is fine for the visit, as even each cabin has air conditioning.

view inner part wheel malaga
View to the illuminated inner part of the wheel

It is true that the dimensions of the Malaga Ferris wheel are not those of the London Eye, but for a city like Malaga is more than enough with what it offers. Hopefully, as its promoters have stated, if Malaga Ferris wheel becomes a success, they will be think about staying longer in the city, so we could continue enjoying this building in the new city skyline.

UPDATE! June 2019. The ferris wheel has been dismantled and supposedly will be rebuilt in a new location. We’ll inform about this. Anyway, if you want to have good views in Malaga, try our “Le Grand Tour” where you will see magnificent views from the Alcazaba. Contact us and book a magical walk through Malaga.

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