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Malaga, capital of culture

malaga capital of culture

Recently I have been in London and I must recognize it is indisputably one of the cultural capitals of the world. In fact, I had the pleasure of living in the city in 2000 when it was inaugurated, among others, the London Eye and the Tate Modern. It was at the lobby of the Tate Modern precisely where I found a giant sculpture of a woman who until then I did not heard of. The artist was Louise Bourgeois, and the work was a colossal metal spider.

It has been this year, specifically at the Museo Picasso Malaga, where I have met again this French artist so I could know her work in depth in a complete exhibition of her work and where I casually faced again with one of her famous spiders. In fact, I discovered at this exhibition that I knew another work from her, which was also at the opening of the Tate Modern in London: a circular structure with a ladder climbing around in circles until you reached a platform. Up there there was a seat at the center, where the audience sat, and lots of mirrors from many sides pointed at you. The work, “I do, I undo, I redo” had long queues to visit, and only one person could experience it at a time. I remember the sensation I got from this work, which was very good, so I have been very happy when, 15 years later, I have heard again from it in Malaga and somehow, made me relive that experience.

louise bourgeois museum picasso malaga
Louise Bourgeois sculpture in the courtyard of the Museo Picasso Malaga

Definitely, Malaga has become an unbeatable capital of culture. To have at your disposal so many works of art from very renowned artists is something that not many cities can show off, and people from Malaga are beginning to appreciate as well. Besides museums of the city with a vast permanent collection, the city is updated by the temporary exhibitions their museums offers like the CAC (Center of Contemporary Art), where they are shown works from renowned artists from all over the world and currently in vogue, with large crowds visiting, as they have lately been the ones from Martina Abrahimovic, Shephard Fairey (O’Bay) and D * Face.

c215 exhibition malaga spain
C215 exhibition at the Alliance Francaise, Málaga

But not only these spaces have been designed as cultural windows into what happens in the rest of the world. Every day we find new other places. We recently discovered a French artist in a nice exhibition organized by the Alliance Française of Malaga, which was a pleasant surprise. The artist is C215 and executes his work mostly with spray. It is his first exhibition held in Spain.

The cultural net, as we have seen, is not only alive at the great city museums. Small spaces also have caught this fever for culture and strive to make other interesting proposals, such as the one currently taking place in the Rector’s Office of the University of Malaga, about the particular universe of David Lynch. A very much cared montage of exhibition with an interesting content, giving the opportunity to travel back to the early surrealist films of the 20s.

exhibition david lynch rector office malaga
David Lynch exhibition at the rector’s office of the Málaga University

Even more, you can not only see art inside buildings. Different kind of artists have covered the streets of Malaga with their art, settling that this city is different, that is committed to culture and want to share it with all its citizens and the tourists.

malaga murals soho obey dface
Obey and D * Face murals in Soho Malaga

On my last trip to London, as I said at the beginning, I found that the cultural event of the fall is a retrospective exhibition of Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei, at the Royal Academy of Arts. What was my surprise when, coming back to Malaga, I saw advertised an exhibition of Ai Wei Wei at the CAC. I cannot be prouder of my home city, and the people who work to make this happen. And let it be so.

zodiac animals exhibition malaga ai wei wei
Ai Wei Wei Exhibition “Zodiac animals” in the CAC Malaga

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