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Welcome to our first blog. It couldn’t be other way than starting with the birth of our new company, Voilà Málaga. From the very beginning, when it was just an idea (December 2012) until now, a lot of things have happened.

Our experience in travelling around the world made us think a lot. We are passionate about tourism, meeting new cultures, but also about our hometown and her richness. (Yes, as Malaga was named after a queen or goddess, our city is feminine. This is one of the things you will discover in one of our Malaga tours)

It had to be in Paris that this idea first came to light. In no other place could have be better born, as we have a say in Spain: New-borns come from Paris. Apart from that, Paris is the number one tourist destination in the world. This means a lot, and not only the huge amount of people visiting the city every year, but the whole diversity of choices for the tourists to take.

paris ponte alexander
View of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower at the back

Particularly me, as an architect, I was interested in guided tours about architecture, etc. and I found everything I desired. I could visit a museum only about architecture, just in front of the Eiffel Tower, but seemed to be out of the touristic mainstream. Not that I cared for, it was quiet and nearly only for me, but that made me think. Am I a very strange person? Have I got strange likes? I don’t think so.

Indeed, I discovered a full range of things to see about architecture, from ancient to modern times. And although I complained that there were people everywhere (even under freezing conditions!), there was always something suitable for everyone.

And this is when my head started thinking. My hometown, Malaga, has got lots of interesting things worth a visit, and not only for an architect, but for people passionate about culture, painting, history, etc. We have a very nice weather and Malaga has proven to be an established touristic destination. People from Malaga are famous to warmly welcome the foreigner, so I thought that no better place like this, which I love, where I can start this project.

Voilà Málaga is created to fit a different kind of tourist. First of all, our Malaga tours are directed to many people: culture lovers, Picasso followers, gastronomy fans, but above all, people who wants to take the most of this beautiful city.   Our customers can decide how to mix these experiences not to be missed when you are in Malaga. (If you want to have more information, just go and meet one of our experiences)

Our web designer, Daniel Escobar, suggested our name, Voilà Málaga, and everyone loved it, especially me. A funny twist of fate made an idea first born in Paris came to have that name.

We have already tested our Malaga tours, we had superb reviews and we just can’t wait for you to enjoy them!

So here you are, Ladies and Gentlemen, Voilà Málaga!

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