All about Malaga

28 September 2020

Archeological site la Arana

After a long time, we were finally able to make one of the most interesting cultural visits...

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17 October 2019

Museo de Malaga – Archeology section

The Museo de Malaga is now the best rated museum in the city according to a ...

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2 December 2017

Rector office of the University of Malaga

From the beginning of November 2017, Malaga adds a new heritage space that fu...

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12 January 2017

Museo de Malaga – Not just another museum in town

Last December, 12th, here in Malaga, we had our latest museum opene...

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18 November 2015

Museum of Malaga, a very close inauguration

The opening of the Museum of Málaga is getting closer, which comprises o...

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14 January 2015

Street painting in Málaga, an old story

Street painting, or graffiti, is not something new in the streets of Malaga. I...

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12 December 2014

Any given Saturday in Malaga

November 22nd, 2014. I rented a place in the city center, cause my plan was just to enjoy ...

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4 September 2014

Festival of classical theatre – Roman Theatre in Malaga

After 2.000 years being built, we have at last a classi...

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20 August 2014

Phoenicians, the first cruisers in Malaga

Nowadays tourists arrive at the port of Malaga via those big cruises at its...

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