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2015 Top 5 exhibitions in Malaga

exhibitions in malaga cac dface

In this case we continue with the top 5 exhibitions in Malaga that  we have been able to see along 2015, according to Voilà Malaga. It’s been a great year with the arrival of renowned artists and, in some cases, they were unknown to most audiences.

  1. CAC: Obey and D * Face

shephard fairey obey cac malaga
Shephard Fairey’s (Obey’s) exhibition at CAC Malaga

It has been a great opportunity to see these two street performers inside a museum. In particular, the work of Shepard Fairey, artistically known as Obey, has been represented numerously in this exhibition, which shows his capacity for artistic production that goes beyond his street paintings, of which we have a couple of samples outside the same museum. In both artists we have discovered found the quality of their work and what we liked most, a massive attendance of young audience at this Center for Contemporary Art.

dface cac malaga
D*face work at CAC Malaga
  1. Jorge Rando Museum: Ernst Barlach

angel ernst Barlach jorge rando museum
“The floating angel” by Ernst Barlach, Jorge Rando Museum

The support of the Jorge Rando Museum to a little known sculptor by the general public has been a success. Even more if we are talking about the sculptor that meant the breakdown of traditional sculpture in the early twentieth century, following the path that would begin Rodin in the nineteenth century. His bronzes don’t leave you indifferent, as well as his sketches and some ceramics. Works from three different German museums are gathered here in a very special exhibition which, located in their historical context, make us admire and discover a great sculptor which we didn’t have not much information and that was labeled as degenerate art by Hitler’s Germany.

warrior ernst Barlach malaga
“The spiritual warrior” by Ernst Barlach
  1. Russian Art Museum: Pavel Filonov

Pavel Filonov russian art malaga
“Family of peasants”, 1914, Pavel Filonov

Another great discovery, not only for the Malaga public, but for anyone living outside Russia. This is a great painter that coincided chronologically with Ernst Barlach and also had a pretty remarkable production, with a very personal style. In fact, his paintings have a different reading whether you appreciate them in a general view or at close range, as this painter was known for developing the detail in a special way. His work has been owned by the Russian state so it has rarely been seen abroad, being only after the fall of the USSR when the world discovered this great artist. A success from the Museo de Arte Ruso de Málaga (Russian Art Museum ) letting us approach the arts from that great country.

formula nicholas pavel filonov malaga
“The formula of Nicholas II”, 1925, Pavel Filonov
  1. Caixa Forum: Henry Moore

henry moore alcazabilla malaga
Henry Moore’s sculpture at C/ Alcazabilla, Malaga

If we spoke of Ernst Barlach as one of the sculptors that led to modern sculpture, Henry Moore is a step forward, a little subsequent in time and with a more abstract production. It’s been a great success performing this exhibition outdoor, in one of the most beautiful streets of Malaga, the Calle Alcazabilla, where the works interacted with the Roman Theatre, the Alcazaba and the Palacio de la Aduana. It has been a privilege being able to admire the work of this American sculptor, even more under different kinds of light depending on the time of the day, allowing to better appreciate these great exhibits. We congratulate the Caixa Forum entity for going on betting on culture and, although not having yet stable physical headquarters in Malaga, they continue contributing their bit in the cultural circuit of the city.

henry moore alcazaba malaga

henry moore alcazaba aduana malaga
Sculpture from Henry Moore with the Alcazaba and the Aduana Palace as backdrop, Malaga
  1. Museo Picasso Malaga: Louise Bourgeois

Great retrospective of the French artist as had never been seen in Spain. A big bet by the Museo Picasso Malaga about this world-renowned artist to show her in her intimacy and detail to the people of Malaga. The exhibition spreads through her most important works, exposing an artist who, as a way to overcome her traumas, or simply as a representation of them, produced certain works reflecting her fears and emotional needs. One of her most famous works, a nine-meter in diameter spider, was placed in the courtyard of the museum to welcome visitors.

louise bourgeois museo picasso malaga spider
Louise Bourgeois spider at the patio of Museo Picasso Malaga

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