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2016 Top 5 exhibitions in Malaga         

mark ryden cac malaga contemporary art exhibitions in malaga

We are back with our favorite exhibitions in Malaga in 2016. The cultural level of this city has gone a step forward, as we have opened another new museum in Town, the long-awaited “Museo de Malaga”. It should be here in our summary of 2016, but we are going to dedicate another posts in this blog for such a historical landmark.

This time, we have had the amazing luck to be able to watch art from well renowned artists who never had exhibited in Malaga (and not even near!)

1. CAC: Mark Ryden

mark ryden doll cac malaga

Again, Malaga’s Center of Contemporary Art (CAC), with one of a kind exhibition, Mark Ryden, opens our top 5. This American artist fascinates with its own universe, full of intriguing characters that don’t leave you indifferent. It is the first time a retrospective of this artist is held in Europe, and here in Malaga we are really happy about that. It has been (and still is) a full success, welcomed by everyone, including children not even old enough to speak.

2. Russian Art Museum: Chagall and his Russian Contemporaries

russian art museum malaga marc chagall
Detail of “Promenade”, Marc Chagall, 1917

This is another unique exhibition, with works of art from Chagall and other Russian artists. We had the chance to discover Chagall in Malaga thanks to a piece of art exhibited in the Malaga Pompidou Center, but now we can have a full understanding of his world. This exhibition has been a total delight for his fans and his new admirers. A great chance to continue discovering the great and unknown Russian art.

3. Museo Picasso Málaga: Mural. Jackson Pollock.

museo picasso malaga mural jackson pollock
“Mural” by Jackson Pollock, 1943

Thanks to Museo Picasso Malaga we had the chance to meet a key masterpiece in modern painting, Mural by Jackson Pollock. Painted just five years after Picasso’s Guernica, this huge canvas was going to turn looks on American art. After it, contemporary art was going to bloom in United States while Europe’s importance in arts would start declining. But not only we had the chance to meet this Mural, commanded by Peggy Guggenheim. Other giant works of art were also exhibited from big artists like Andy Warhol or Antonio Saura.

andy warhol yam museo picasso malaga
“Yam”, Andy Warhol, 1983

4. Museo Carmen Thyssen: POP

pop exhibition thyssen malaga

Another very interesting temporary exhibition at Museo Carmen Thyssen. This time we could take a closer look to modern artists who lived in an old-fashioned Spain, still ruled by a dictatorship, but willing to change. It was the 60’s and these artists tried to introduce fresh air into arts. A group of artists, like Equipo Cronica, Eduardo Arroyo, and many more, tried to gain people’s favor by another way. Music. They designed many records’ covers, introducing modern art in Spain’s middle class houses following Warhol’s epic banana in Velvet Underground’s cover.

intruder equipo cronica guernica museo carmen thyssen
“Intruder”, Equipo Crónica, 1969

5. Museo Jorge Rando: Ernst Barlach

floating angel ernst barlach museo jorge rando
“Floating Angel”, Ernst Barlach

As they extended this exhibition until March, we had to include it here as one of the best in 2016, as it was in 2015. We are really glad also that, because of this exhibition, Jorge Rando, our expressionist artist, is also exhibiting in Germany in places related to Ernst Barlach life and work. Let 2017 be also that fruitful.

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